Cyber Security – Science Collaboration Symposium -2017 UK & Gulf Countries

Sohar University participated in a Science Collaboration Symposium which was held in Manchester, UK, from 14to16 November 2017. More than 50 top academicians and government bureaucrats from UK and gulf countries attended this collaboration symposium. There were very fruitful discussions and potential investment opportunities were discussed in UK-GULF partnerships and the possible benefits of such collaboration. From Oman Dr Dinesh Saini, representative of Sohar University, and Dr. Ali-al Shaidani, director of ITC sector and TRC attended the seminar. Dr Dinesh Saini presented a paper and gave a talk on malicious object propagations and cyber security issues in current time. Researchers presented their latest research findings and possibilities of joint funding in the area of cyber security.
The major themes of the symposium were Protection of Critical National Information & Infrastructure, Protection of big data and Cyber security as they relate to the internet of things.
The event had ten sessions covering different areas of cyber security. Welcome remarks were given by Dr. Emma Hennessy and Ms. Suzanne Jones – Deputy Chief Scientific Advisor, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Director of the Gulf Science Innovation Knowledge Programme.
Day One was devoted to Malicious Object which was chaired by Mr. Philp Heald, Defense & Security Organization Department of International Trade UK. In this session, people from York University, Qatar Foundation, Salford University, Bahrain and Sohar University presented the latest research issues and possible collaboration in the area of cyber security. There were fruitful research discussions by Dr. David Picard, Manager International Security Program, BES systems UK. Dr. Munir Tag, director, Qatar National Research Fund, discussed the possible research collaboration and funding by the QNRF. People from Masdar Institute, Khalifa Foundation and UAE universities discussed the research going on cyber security in UAE. Dr. Henry Pearson National Cyber Security Center Government of UK discussed National Cyber Security Center approach to academic engagement. Cyber security, Internet of Things, smart grids, cyber health, Machine learning and Block chain solutions were some of the interesting topics in which latest research issues and possible collaboration were discussed.
The symposium was a part of the UK Government’s Gulf Science Innovation Knowledge Economy Programme, which forms part of a wider programme. There will be a research call via the institutional links in spring of 2018 in which institutions will participate.
Cyber security will be one of the topics of this call for proposals. This research call, the second in as many years, has a UK Government contribution of £2.4 million. This event is organized in collaboration by the UK Science & Innovation Network (SIN), the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the British Council and in partnership with the University of Manchester.