Sohar University Organizes a lecture on the Institutional Development of the Democratic Process in the Sultanate

Coinciding with the Sultanate's celebrations of the glorious 47th National Day, and as part of the celebration of Sohar University, the University's Faculty of Law organized a lecture on the institutional development of the democratic process in the Sultanate on Thursday, November 23rd, 2017 in the Barka Building on the campus. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Abdullah Al-Buraiki, Assistant Secretary-General for Information and Public Relations of the State Council, and in the presence of Dr. Hamdan Al-Fazari, Pro VC Resources, and Dr. Lotfi Meshichi, Dean of the Faculty of Law, a collection of academic staff and administrators, and university students, in addition to a number of those who are interested in this field.
The lecture dealt with several important topics, such as the development of the democratic process in the Sultanate and access to the state of institutions, starting with the State Consultative Council and until the system of the two councils. The lecture also dealt with the development of the administrative apparatus of the state and the separation of powers (legislative, judicial and executive). The lecture also discussed the democratic process in terms of its origins and stages of development from the Shura Council to the Oman Council, its powers in terms of legislative powers and supervisory powers, its divisions, how to appoint members, and components of the Council and its committees. A major topic discussed in the lecture was the legislative process in the Sultanate, how it is done through the statutes of the state, how the legislation in the Sultanate reached the institutional system, and how the legislative powers were found.