Education Professionals of Shura Council visit Sohar University

Sohar University received the delegation of the Education and Scientific Research Committee in the Shura Council as part of their tour to see the reality and level of scientific research in academic institutions. The delegation members met with Professor Barry Winn, the VC of the university, and the Pro-Vice Chancellors who demonstrated the university's support for scientific research, which had tangible results of achieving the university's slogan of "Towards a Knowledge Nation".
Then, their Excellencies, the delegation members, were taken in a field tour of some Sohar University laboratories to review the university's level of development in establishing modern research laboratories. They witnessed some of the research projects currently underway at the university, and praised the efforts made to raise its scientific status. They also listened to a summary of the structure of scientific research at the University and the cooperation between the University and research centers and institutions concerned with scientific research. The delegation members commended the achievements of the University.
It is worth noting that Sohar University has made great strides in the field of scientific research due to its great interest in this vital field by enhancing the foundations required and developing them in order to create an attractive environment for researchers. The most important ongoing projects at the University are the establishment of the Advanced Manufacturing Research Center and the Foundation of a Leading Factory for Design and Manufacture of Molds and Production Tools within the National Program for the Promotion of Economic Diversification “Tanfeez”. This is in addition to the partnership with Chris International to establish modern laboratories at the university to provide technical support to the oil-refining sector. Sohar University recently won a research grant from the British government for a project promoting food security for the Sultanate. This vital project is currently implemented.