The 1st Forum for Practical Education at Sohar University

Sohar University, represented by the Faculty of Education and Arts, organized the first forum for practical education in cooperation with the General Directorate of Education in the province of North Al Batinah on Tuesday 20 February 2018. The main objectives the Forum were to introduce the procedure of the practical field education, discuss the role of the student teacher and cooperating teacher in the Practical Education Programme, and understand the evaluation and follow-up documents in the programme as well as the training on the quality indicators in it.
The forum started with an opening speech by Dr. Awni Al-Faouri in which he welcomed the attendees and praised the partnership between Sohar University and the General Directorate of Education in North Al Batinah Governorate in order to improve the skills of the trainees. After that, Mr. Ahmed bin Musabah Al Badi, Assistant Director of Human Resources Development for Educational Supervision, delivered a speech urging students to benefit from the educational field to the maximum of their potential. In this forum, all students have had the opportunity to sit down and talk with the cooperating teachers who will follow up their performance together with the supervisors from the Faculty of Education and Arts.
Three working papers were presented at this forum: The first paper was presented by Dr. Shaher Rabhi Alian, Assistant Professor in the Curriculum of Science and Methods of Teaching, entitled: Modern Approaches in Evaluating Practical Education. The second paper by Dr. Mohammed Bin Saleh Al Ajmi, Assistant Professor in Arabic Language and Teaching Methods, entitled "The Roles of Practical Education and its Evaluation Documents”. The third was presented by Professor Nawal Al-Shirawiya, entitled: Student Achievement file (its importance, its components, its evaluation). The forum witnessed an official presence of all the cooperating teachers from the cooperating schools in the field of education, in addition to the attendance of the Heads of Departments of Human and Applied Sciences and Individual Skills, who enriched the forum with their interventions and discussions.