Sohar University Hosts the First Traffic Forum of Riyadh Al Elm School

Sohar University hosted the first traffic forum of the Riyadh Al-Elm Primary School, held on March 1, 2018 at the University's Learning Resources Center, under the slogan of “Covenant and Charter”. The form was hold under the patronage of Dr. Mohammed Al-Maqbali, PVC for Community and Engagement and hosted the stars of the Omani National Football Team: Fayez Al-Rashidi, Abdul Aziz Al-Mqbali and Ali Al Busaidi. The event included a number of awareness-raising presentations in addition to an accompanying exhibition that included a number of exhibits related to traffic safety. The forum mostly aimed at the cooperation and solidarity among the different individuals and institutions of the society in order to spread the traffic culture and instill the safety concepts among young people.