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Qualifications :Advance Diploma In Civil Engineering.

Teaching Interest:Soil Machanics, Geotechnical Engineering.

Research InterestSoil Mechanics, Soil Improvement.

Recent Publication:

  • Qureshi M.U., Khan K.M, Bessaih N., Al-Mawali k. & Al-Sdrani K. 2014. "An empirical relationship between in-situ permeability and RQD of discontinuous sedimentary rocks", Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering, Vol. 19/R, pp.4781-4790.
  • Qureshi M.U., Bessaih N., Al-Sadrani K., Al-Falahi S., Al-Madhari A. 2014, "Shear Strength of Omani sand Treated with Biopolymer". 7th International Congress on Environment Geotechnics, Melboune, Australia.